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 CApricornia HistoriCAL MOTOR CLUB  Inc

 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999


 Historical Motor Club Ink


1946 Chevrolet Sedan

Entry number 25 Bill and June Moran 

The 1946 Chevrolet Sedan was one of the most coveted vehicles in the post World War-II era and was regarded as a revelation of Chevrolet's experience in the field of automotive technologies and its tradition and heritage of producing cars which have power, style and stability.

Already well established as one of the leading automobile manufacturer, Chevrolet's primary goal in the post World War-II era was in maintaining customer satisfaction and in making Chevrolet ownership, the most pleasant motor car experience.

The 1946 Chevrolet (Stylemaster 6 Series DJ/ Fleetmaster 6 Series DK) Sedan was designed and developed to provide thousands of miles of driving satisfaction and comfort. Boasting of an all-steel construction, well insulated against heat and sound, it provided several innovative safety features such as:

Adjustable front seat; Safety Glass; Controlled Venti lation; Recessed control Knobs; Hydraulic Brakes: Hand Brake Lever;

Some of the technical specifications of the 1946 Chevrolet Sedan are:

Six Cylinder Engine delivering 90 BHP at 3300 RPM

Piston Displacement - 216.5 Cu.In.

Bore and Stroke: 3-1/2 x 3-3/4

Normal Oil Pressure - 14 lbs

Wheelbase - 116"

Fuel Tank - 16 gallons

The 1946 Chevrolet Sedan renewed the passion and faith of car lovers and Chevy enthusiasts after the War's devastations and led the way for Chevrolet's sustained financial success in the public domain


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