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 CApricornia HistoriCAL MOTOR CLUB  Inc

 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999


 Historical Motor Club Ink

                                 1935 Ford Tourer

Entrant number 12   Sam and Myra Capes

A Ford Brochure of the Day said

It was necessary to devise a new term "Centipoise"  to fit an entirely new comfort ride in the Ford V* for 1935 . As an Automobile passes over rough roads, the car ends move up and down more than the cars center, in a teeter totter effect.  Therefore back passengers especially have been bounced up and down, because they were seated over or behind the rear axle. The new Ford Centerpoise ride seats the passengers nearer the center of the car which bounces least. As a result, back seat passengers receive a front seat ride. 

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