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 CApricornia HistoriCAL MOTOR CLUB  Inc

 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999


 Historical Motor Club Ink

                              1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan

Entrant number 22  Don and Carmel Smith

he 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2 was released by the Ford Motor company inorder to satisfy the ever increasing customer demand for power, reliability, luxury and durabilty. The Ford Zephyr not only satisfied the contemporary public demand, but also outshone its commercial goals.

The 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2 boasted of several technologically advanced features, such as

Performance oriented 4 and 6 cylinder engine, with capacity of 2262 cc and overhead valves for increased power

  • Unitary construction, which increases the reliability of the car's body

  • Lighter, stiffer structure

  • Fully hydraulic brakes

  • Top speed of 90 mph, which was stunning in its class.

  • Slick styling and lavish seating(optional)

The 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2  was well received by car enthusiasts and pushed the manufacturing bar even further for  the development of commercially viable, performance oriented cars which appeal to people of all ages. It eventually became a symbol of family car because of its applicability for all purposes.

The Zephyr's convertible variant was also marketed by the Ford motor company during this period and it also enjoyed great success in the world market because of its independent youth appeal.

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