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 CApricornia HistoriCAL MOTOR CLUB  Inc

 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999


 Historical Motor Club Ink


1933 Humber Sedan

Entrant number 43  Greg and Helen

Humber was a British automobile marque which was started by Thomas Humber in 1868 and grew into one the largest and most well renowned British automobile manufacturer of all time.

One of the most famous cars coming out of its production lines was the 1933 Humber Snipe and Pullman sedan . The four door sedan’s the power unit was a straight six of 3,948.5 c.c. with a bore and stroke 80x116 mm and over-head inlet and side exhaust valves.

Other mechanical innovations utilized in this car included:

1) A mechanical fuel pump
2) Radiator shutters operated by thermostat in the header tank  
3) Engine and gearbox in one unit with Silent-bloc trunnion mountings.
4) A starter motor with 2 to 1 drive to ensure that the engine was spun rapidly when old
5) A new frame with deep-section sides had an extra stiff and deep triangulated cross member in the middle
6) Suspension was, of course, non-independent with beam axles and half-elliptic springs
7) A new downdraught carburetor.

In 1931 when the Rootes Brothers bought a majority shareholding, the Humber lost its independent innovations , as numerous designers left Humber, lacking the freedom of workspace.. But eventually the Humber model regained its market share lost during the depression period and brought “the eccentricity” back into the British Automobile market.

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