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 CApricornia HistoriCAL MOTOR CLUB  Inc

 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999



 Historical Motor Club Ink

                                1924 Rugby Tourer
                                         Owned by Greg and Kay Shuker

The Durant Motor Company, in its quest to export its Star motor cars outside America and Canada in 1923, found that the name Star had already been registered for commercialization in England. This prompted them to export cars under the trademark Rugby, which was incorporated with a few changes in some specifications, relative to the Star production line.

The 1924 Rugby Tourer was a variant of the four cylinders Star Model F and had several special features in order to attract the customer's attention, such as:

Transmission: Standard, selective sliding-gear type; three speeds forward and one reverse.

Brakes: External contracting; internal expanding; 10-inch brake drums

Carburetor: One-inch, single jet.

Cooling System: Honeycomb type radiator; 16-inch fan; four blades; water pump; radiator capacity, 8 quarts.

The Rugby make of cars was produced at three Durant motor factories located within the United States and Canada. However the public identity of the 1924 Rugby was never stable, due to the lack of consistently performing models coming out of the assembly lines.

Equipped with a nickel radiator and disc wheels.

Furnished  body panels in maroon or blue

Engine: Continental W-4, four-cylinder, 3-1/8" bore; 4-1/4"stroke; and 130.4 cubic inches displacement.

Piston: Piston and connecting rod assembly was detachable from the top or bottom of case.

Tank: 10 gallon capacity fuel tank attached to the rear

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