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 A collection of photos taken during 20th Anniversary Rally 

September 1999


1928 Buick Sedan

Entry number 20 John and  Annete Mcnight

Buick was earnestly attempting to create competitive vehicles that were better than the competition. Buick updated their vehicles during a five-year cycle that began in 1924. One of the cars, which was a byproduct of this continual upgrading  was the 1928 Buick Sedan.

1928 Buick Sedan was unique model, yet adaptable to multiple types of services. It provided several luxury features such as, wider rear seats, more head room, walnut finished moldings, and custom made plush interiors.

The model was released with the commercial view of capturing the open hood automobile market but its durability features were far below expectations. Some of the technical features associated with 1928 Buick Sedan is:

Engine:  6-cylinder engine delivering a maximum of 74 BHP and revving up  2800 RPM

Piston: Cast iron piston with a displacement of approx. 239 cu. In

Carburetor: Manual heat control with forced ventilation

Oiling System: Pressurized crankshaft, and rocker arms.

Brakes: Four wheel mechanical brakes

Top down, windshield folded, this Buick sedan was ready for lightning fast get-away, and a thrilling run on the open road. But its reliability as well as durability issues prevented it from capturing the people's imagination. However this void was however soon filled up by the 1929 line of Buick vehicles which gave the car lovers around the world some of the most memorable cars in the history of automobile engineering.

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